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1.What is standard turnaround?

We deliver with the fastest turnaround for voice over services . We can deliver what you need in 3-4 business days, 48 hours , or even on the same day.It all depends on your unique time frame set with us. Be ensured that we can deliver your voice over project even for RUSH and SUPER RUSH urgencies.

2.How do I get voice over price quote?

To get a voice over price quote, you may UPLOAD your file or script for voice over, and our representatives will attend to you and give you a Free Quote for your project. Also connect with us through ONLINE CHAT, or TOLL FREE NUMBERS for US, UK, and Australia. A CALL BACK option is also in place.

3. How can I get online voice over?

To fast-track, you may UPLOAD your voice over files through our secure online portal. Thereafter, we give you a quote which you may pay safely online. Await your completed project in no time! Other fast routes include reaching us through TOLL FREE HOTLINES, using CALL BACK or our ONLINE CHAT platform, and tell us what you need.

4. How do we receive the files?

We deliver your completed voice over files straight to your email’s inbox at a very fast timespan. We deliver securely the file in the format you need, whenever you would need it. You can relax and have peace of mind that Voice Over Land delivers on time, every time.

5. Do you have voices in other languages?

Yes. Voice Over Land provides exceptional voice over services in over 50 major languages of the world. Our voice talents are experienced linguists or native speakers in major languages like Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Get a FREE SAMPLE or check out our 50+ Language Voice Talents.

Should you need a Voice Over Artist for any imaginable genre, in over 50 languages of the world – we deliver complete solutions. We are powered by hundreds of seasoned Male and Female Voice Artists.

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