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Choose the right Audio Voice Over from Voice Over Land for as low as $128. Whether for your narration, audio book, or educational materials, we deliver the best possible choices. Listen to FREE SAMPLE voice demos, and select from among 50+ Language Voice Talents . UPLOAD your script, and get a Free Quote.

Audio Voice Over in 50+ Languages

Finding the right voice to bring your book to life is not easy, especially if there are a number of different voices male and female of different characters and ages. Voice Over Land offers you a complete solution, delivered at the fastest turnaround for as low as $128! Think of the voice for a young girl as opposed to a wicked witch! By their very nature, our audio voice over artists love literature of all kinds and understand the subtleties of different languages. They are able to bring excellence to the craft of audio book voice overs.

When choosing an audio book voice over talent, you need to look for a professional voice over talent who has experience (perhaps a certain degree of acting skills) and a well-seasoned voice to effectively bring your characters to life. We have 50+ Language Voice Talents who can bring that special atmosphere to your story, and share it to wider global audiences. Our results have a +accuracy rate, and are delivered securely by email.

The Right Audio Voice Over For Your Business Image

It is not only novels or short stories that get our professional audio voice over treatment. Business documents and books need to be narrated with the right kind of professionalism, which requires a much different voice and audio delivery from stories. Enjoy our FREE ONLINE VOICE CASTING SERVICE 24/7 to hire the perfect voice for your project.

Product reviews, manuals, and how-to guides are increasingly being delivered in audio format for the sight impaired. Your business image hangs on the correct delivery of these documents. Get a FREE SAMPLE or CONTACT our toll free hotline. You may also connect with us through ONLINE CHAT for your requirements. Our customer support team is ready to accommodate your unique needs all year-round.

High Quality Audio Voice Over Services

Museums and cultural heritage sites are using technology to bring their message to a greater audience. They provide their visitors headphones which wirelessly connect to an exhibit or area of the museum, allowing the visitors to choose the time they spend at a particular exhibit. High quality audio voice over will bring your studio or museum to life! To get an idea of our wide range of audio voice over talents, you may also use our CALL BACK for a Free Quote.

Confidentiality and Security

For every project, we provide binding non-disclosure agreements to give you peace of mind that your information is safe with us. All your files are kept intact with good quality, and delivered directly to you via email.

Services list

We also specialize in the following :

  • Audio Book Narration
  • Character Voice for Films
  • Character Voice for Animation
  • Corporate Voice Over
  • TV and Documentary Narration
Should you need a Voice Over Artist for any imaginable genre, in over 50 languages of the world – we deliver complete solutions. We are powered by hundreds of seasoned Male and Female Voice Artists.