The Voice Over Artist that Matches your Product

Voices inspire buyers.VoiceOverLand will help you hire the right voice for your product Starting from an affordable $128. This will ensure an effective campaign for you. With 24/7 services, 365 days in a year, we cater to all that you need. We have 50+ Language Voice Talents available – this ensures you will find the deal voice over artist for your needs, from among a broad range of selections. Our professional voice over artists will provide you with high quality and accurate voice over service.

Our fast turnaround time ensures total satisfaction every time. Our female voice over artists,and male voice over artists will prompt customers to buy your product. Don’t ruin months of planning and late nights by choosing the wrong voice! With a wide range of voice over artist choices, you have no reason to settle for an inferior voice over artist any more.

Listen to our FREE SAMPLE voice demos

With the hundreds of voice artists we have in over 50+ languages, we can match the perfect voice to your campaign. Do you want to sell a man-tool magazine? How about a masculine voice that inspires you to tackle that project! Selling a female beauty product? Then a velvety feminine voice will be what you need!

Free Online Voice Casting

VoiceOverLand provides FREE ONLINE VOICE CASTING service for voice over artists. After obtaining your needed specifications, our specialists scan our database and select the voice artist that best matches your requirements. We invite these artists to audition for you. You get a handful of probable candidates, and can hire the voice artist or artists best fit for your project directly.

Professionalism and Perfect Delivery

Our multilingual team of voice talents are highly professional,backed by years of experience. Our clients hire us for small or big projects, and we deliver perfect results every time. Whether it is for staff training videos, advertisements, or a book reading, we have the ideal voice over artist for your needs.

Delivery Times and Voice Over Artist Rates

Our rates start from an affordable $128. UPLOAD your files to receive a Free Quote for your project. We have Rush and Super Rush turnaround time for those last minute projects. We also have SPECIAL RATES for HIGHVOLUME ORDERS or LONG TERM PROJECTS – speak to one of our customer specialists using TOLL FREE HOTLINES, CALL BACK, or ONLINE CHAT.

Confidentiality and Security

For every project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to give you peace of mind that your information is safe with us. All your files are secure and are delivered directly to you via email.

The Process

Receive a Free Quote via our customer support team, or use a CALL BACK option to get started. You can also use our ONLINE CHAT to get fast personalized attention. Our TOLL FREE HOTLINES for US, UK and Australian clients will ensure that you stay in touch with us and your project.

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